Sunday, August 28, 2016

Summer Workin'...Had me a Blast!

Summer was busy! I thoroughly enjoyed being at home with my boys, and I did a lot of work for the new learning commons. First wonderful literary directional sign. As you can see I had a sweet little helper paint my signs for me! My wonderful husband cut the "arrows". We painted them, and I applied vinyl letters that I cut out with my sister's amazing Cricut. I love how it turned out, and I know the kids will, too!

Now, my whole "EVERYBODY" section has a theme of "Where the Wild Things Are." Here are some vinyl silhouettes I made with the Cricut! I Loooove them!

I will have a Makerspace in my learning commons this year. One thing I will have is a Lego station. So, I made a Lego table this summer! Lego bases from Amazon and a $10 table from a local yard sale site! Yay! Keep Calm and Lego On! (Can you tell that I love the Cricut??)

These huge letters spell out the word "READ" and will make a great addition to the fiction section of the learning commons! 

My wonderful husband, whom I should really call my new library assistant, spray painted my old library book carts for me! They look AWESOME!

Lastly, the fiction section of the learning commons will be "Harry Potter" themed. Here is my lovely assistant weeding a huge quote printed on vinyl cut out with the (you guessed it!) Cricut! 

I will post pictures after the decor in the new learning commons is completed!!

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